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 guiding sustainable materials management



Whether starting a new solid waste or recycling program or modifying an existing one, we make sure the policies, facilities, services, and outreach are in place to succeed.

policy development

When policy changes are needed to attain goals, AGR works with decision makers to draft language to accomplish this - for example, to codify reduction and recycling goals; to specify respective roles of generators, service providers, and government; and to mitigate illegal disposal.    

 Devising sustainable financing

AGR performs multi-year financial analysis of solid waste reduction and management systems; designs fee structures to cover long-term costs while achieving other client objectives; and provides independent reviews for financing and capital improvement programs.


quantifying materials that could be diverted

We determine what additional materials could be diverted and project the associated costs and savings. We identify feedstock for programs and facilities and estimate the potential cost to access these materials


public outreach, facilitation & training  

A. Goldsmith Resources facilitates work sessions, develops interactive online tools and workshop materials, and conducts training to educate and gather input from elected officials, senior management, staff and the public about recycling and solid waste management.


procuring services and facilities

When strategies call for external partners, we assist with every stage of procurement, from preparing solicitations  to negotiating agreements, all with one purpose in mind - to ensure final results enable clients to achieve their environmental and financial goals.

sustainable materials management: How we make it happen

developing strategy

A. Goldsmith Resources presents options, gathers input, and recommends strategies designed to accomplish financial and environmental goals established with clients and their stakeholders. An action plan documents in detail  how the strategy will be implemented. 




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